Automated triggering of emergency alerts

Alonda provides a platform for instantaneously alerting first responders to an emergency and, where applicable, rapid intervention utilizing GPS coordinates.

Essential Services

The platform enables users to conveniently access essential services near them. Tap of the button sends an alert to the following key services: Towing, Ambulance Services, Waste Management, Mobility Services, Cleaning, Fumigation & Landscaping, Fire response, and Other Technical Services, among other things.


By utilizing user data from the Alonda platform, useful trends and statistics can be extrapolated to assist authorities in devising solutions for high-crime areas. While also assisting entrepreneurs and corporations in making sound business decisions.

Real Time Emergency Tracking

When alerts are received, users can track the location of the individuals who sent the alerts in real time through the app, seeing their location exactly and how long it will take for them to arrive.

Type of Alerts
The Alonda App can send Alerts for:



The theft button informs emergency contacts during robbery. For premium users, private security & rapid response will be alerted.



The GBV button informs GBV emergency contacts with your current location to intervene when under attack.



Tap of the button sends an emergency alert to your medical personnel, emergency contacts & where possible to ambulance services.



From vehicle towing, calling an ambulance, requesting a fire response team, garbage collection and many more, our goal is to make your life easier, safer and more convenient.

Essential Services
Access Providers For These Services On Alonda:



Need a tow truck? Our app makes it easy. With a single tap, you can access reliable towing services in your area.



Don't waste precious time searching for emergency ambulance services, with Alonda you can rest assured that help is on the way.


Fire Response

When every second counts, our app makes it easy to access fire response services.


Solar & Electrical

Alonda connects you with reliable service providers in your area. Whether you need installation or repairs, find the right provider for your needs.


Waste Management

Keep your home and community clean with garbage collection and septic pit emptying at your convenience.


Mobility Services

Get moving with our mobility services. Whether you need a taxi, car hire, driver, or bike/scooter, we've got you covered.


Lodging & Real Estate

With a wide selection of options in your area, search for houses to rent or buy, or find the perfect short-stay accomodation.


Plumbing & Washing Machines

From installation to repairs and servicing, our app makes it easy to find providers ready to help with all your plumbing and washing machine needs.

How Does It Work?
Basic Functionality of the Alonda Platform

When faced with an emergency situation, a user simply needs to tap the panic button in the app corresponding to their emergency.

The alert is sent to emergency responders with the following details; name, type of emergency & live GPS location. An SMS with the alert details is also sent to serve as a back-up to the system in a case where the recipient does not have the app installed on their device.

We believe that you should not have to deal with an emergency on your own or be forced to rely on strangers. This is why this platform is available; to link users directly to emergency services, contacts, and rapid response particularly in situations where making a phone call may not be an option.

Along with our emergency services on the platform, we also provide essential services like towing, ambulance, waste management, mobility, fire response, plumbing, gas, and electrical, cleaning, fumigation, and landscaping, dish installation, gadget repair, painting & interior decoration, security, video, photography, and graphics, and beauty & spa services.


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